Always use a shoehorn
This will prevent the counters from crushing, which is a molded material (similar to fiberglass).

Always keep a ‘fresh’ coat of polish, cream, or moisturizer on your footwear, Even our.

We always recommend an application of waterproof spray to new footwear.

Sole Protectors
This is a thin protective rubber sole which is applied to the top of the existing sole.

What to do with STIOS hoes that Squeak?
Squeaks are caused by two materials rubbing against each other. During the manufacturing process, in order to bond the vamp to the vamp liner or, the soles to the vamp, cement is applied to the various parts of the shoe. In some cases the glue guns used run dry. In others the cement dries to quickly. In either case the result will be the same. When you wear the shoe the areas that were not glued properly will rub against each other causing the shoe to squeak.